Water Treatment

Revolutionize Your Water Management with Oxyfusion™ Technology

Water -
our precious resource

Is there anything purer than water? Cool, fresh, clear. We know what water should be. As one of our most essential natural resources, the way we maintain our water has dramatic knock-on effects on our environment, our businesses, and our lives. To date, managing this precious resource has meant expensive engineering or costly chemical additives that continually need to be rebalanced.

Now, there’s a proven natural scientific solution that empowers nature. Using proven technology, Homeport achieves harmony in water management wherever water is used, with a 100% natural, additive free and low cost solution for resource managers:
Ultrafine Oxyfusion™.

A naturally regenerative solution

The problems of costly maintenance, poor quality and environmental impact associated with bad water are all too evident. With Homeport, resource managers have a turnkey managed solution for regenerating water assets, and the results speak for themselves.

We cannot create more water, but we can make water purer by reducing toxins, heavy metals and other contaminants that lead to algae blooms, bad odour, and oxygen depletion. Traditionally, this was achieved by aeration or chemical additives, but these solutions created longer-term issues that require constant re-balancing at a high cost in terms of the environment and business finances.

Homeport Oxyfusion™ systems introduce nano scale multi-gas Ultrafine Bubbles into water bodies to redress the balance of over-stressed water and return it to a naturally clean and chemical-free resource. Using advanced science combined with expert engineering, Homeport systems are plug and play units that continuously treat any body of water – with fantastic results for agriculture, waste water treatment and many other industries.

A naturally regenerative solution

benefits 01

Creating safe productive water

benefits 09

Breaking down heavy metals

benefits 10

Increasing dissolved oxygen

benefits 04

Eliminating bacteria

benefits 05

Eliminating algae

benefits 08

Removing foul smells

Water problems

The environment and climate change are at the top of the global and business agenda, maintaining our natural resources is our highest priority. For millennia, we have considered water to be self-sustaining and endless, but with modern demands on the water cycle throughout every industry, our legacy methods of maintaining this most precious natural resource are stressing the system.

Chemical additives, mechanical aeration and rising temperatures can all create stressed water – water that is no longer fit for purpose and that requires increasing intervention to maintain its efficacy. Where we once believed that adding chemicals to water was the solution, we now know that water only requires one thing – to be as pure as possible.

Homeport Ultrafine Oxyfusion™ systems provide an elegant solution to impure water problems by adding gas via Ultrafine Bubbles to stressed water – eliminating the need for expensive chemicals, increasing the purity of the water cycle, and reducing costs.

Water problems


Oxyfusion™ Ultrafine Bubble technology

The science behind purer water

Things change at a nano level. Homeport Ultrafine Bubbles provide a vastly increased surface area for gaseous dissolution and sterilization compared to naturally occurring bubbles. Nano technology works at the interface of molecular activity, where classic Newtonian physics gives way to quantum forces.

Ultrafine Bubbles sustain for up to three months in water, interacting with non-water molecules wherever they meet them. The negative charge of Ultrafine Bubbles means that chemicals are ionized to become inactive – taking pollutants from the water and allowing good bacteria to use the nitrogen in inert contaminants to re-enter the life cycle.

The relative size of Ultrafine Bubbles

unrivaled multi gas delivery

Unrivaled multi-gas delivery

powerful oxidation

Powerful oxidation

even dispersals

Even dispersal

long lifetimes

Long lifetimes

Fizzical Therapy

Universities around the world have carried out studies into the power of Ultrafine Bubble science at a nano level, proving the impact that Homeport technology has on any body of water. When Ultrafine Bubbles interact with impurities of any kind in water, an implosion happens on a nano scale.

Homeport Ultrafine Bubbles release energy in this implosive interaction, generating more heat than on the surface of the sun, but at a nano scale. It is this physical interaction that degrades the chemical bonds of waterborn pollutants, ionizing them and degrading them into their component elements to be re-used by naturally occurring bacteria in the water to produce clean, clear water.

Natural disinfection occurs from Hydroxyl radicals that are formed
in Ultrafine Bubbles. These Hydroxyl radicals attack essential cell
components and are lethal to pathogenic viruses and bacteria, resulting in a naturally pure and completely efficient way of neutralizing pathogens and disinfecting water and its containing structures.

Fizzical Therapy

power of small v2 01
power of small v2 02

Engineered for the environment

Homeport advanced technology is completely self-contained in robust units that require power and nothing else. With a low-power input, Homeport units are true plug & play systems with reliable, sustainable, environmental performance levels.

Homeport systems operate remotely and with low maintenance requirements. The in-built gaseous extraction systems mean that a variety of gases can be used, with the system self-generating, self-sustaining, and self-reporting.

Homeport OxyfusionTM systems are a fully partnered solution for water resource managers, with water targets agreed with customers to deliver optimum water quality and key performance success. By being able to monitor performance consistently, our service contracts are designed to deliver long-term benefits that can only be achieved by working together.

Homeport delivers a full, holistic service concentrated on Ultrafine Bubble technology that delivers results and continues to deliver over the course of long term partnerships.

fully managed service solution

Fully managed service solutions

cloud based remote monitoring

Cloud based for remote monitoring

quiet self contained low power

Quiet Self-Contained Low Power

integrated gas production

Integrated gas production

The Homeport engine

Modular and bespoke systems

Homeport produces a range of Ultrafine Oxyfusion™ systems for a variety of different uses across agriculture, aquaculture, recreational water management and wastewater treatment, using specific gases for specific tasks. Wherever there is water, Homeport empowers life via the restorative action of the Ultrafine Bubbles’ extraordinary properties.

Homeport units are discreet, self-contained, and only require electric power to operate. Their reliability and efficiency means very low running costs, and their small footprint means that they can be installed almost anywhere to treat water wherever it is.

With advanced engineering, integrated technology, and proven results, Homeport systems are flexible and efficient enough to change the way your water works – no matter what the application. For reduced cost, increased yield, and a 100% natural approach to water resource management, Homeport has the solution for your situation.

Standard unit

  • Solution for lakes, ponds, and irrigation reservoirs
  • Integrated oxygen production
  • Ozone ready with optional ozone production

Unit flow range: 10 – 110 m3/hr

Industrial unit

  • Solution for municipal, industrial and agriculture wastewater
  • Integrated oxygen production
  • Ozone ready with optional ozone production

Unit flow range: 5 – 500 m3/hr

Submersible unit

  • Solution for ports and marinas
  • Integrated oxygen production

Unit flow: 30 m3/hr

Ultrafiltration unit

  • Solution for industry and agriculture
  • Embedded oxygen production

Unit production range: scalable from 1 – 125 m3/hr

Aquaculture unit

  • Solution for open aquafarms and RAS
  • Integrated oxygen and ozone production

Unit production range: 1 – 110 m3/hr

scalable output

Scalable output

unified platform architecture

Unified platform architecture

bespoke application design

Bespoke application design

turnkey solution

Turnkey solution

quick deployment

Quick deployment

robust performance

Robust performance

Empowering nature

Homeport systems bring the power of life to functional water bodies.
With a truly environmentally beneficial approach, Homeport systems work relentlessly to revitalize water. 

By eliminating the majority of water-borne contaminants, both natural and added, Homeport’s Oxyfusion™ system rebalances the natural harmony of water swiftly, and continues to do so over time. Increased oxygen levels mean that your water looks purer, smells purer and is more efficient at sustaining the life it naturally supports. With Homeport, water is simply purer.

Homeport provides the modern, ecological solution to traditional and
legacy problems with water management. A long-term solution to longterm  problems, Homeport’s OxyfusionTM systems deliver natural results from advanced technology that functions at a nano scale to restore balance to water systems.

The benefits of Homeport system installations are many, from cost savings to increased yield, as well as the restoration of water to its natural state.Ultrafine Bubble technology empowers nature to return to its homeostasis, making water all it should be: Pure.

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