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FLOM - flomkontrollbarriære

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Økonomisk løsning

A cost-effective solution for many reasons – no need to deal with underground construction, investment is only one-time with repeatable use, no need for ecological disposal as with sandbags, low-cost storage.

Rask installasjon

Simple assembly and disassembly. Low weight of parts makes handling and assembly easy. The barrier can be erected on different terrain – grass, gravel, asphalt, even in water.


The barrier has been stress-tested against the impact of tidal waves and floating objects. Certified and tested in laboratory and real conditions.


is made of galvanized sheet or aluminium alloy (EN AW 5754) resistant to seawater. For easy and fast joining, the plates are fitted with FLOM joining locks.


protects against undermining of the barrier, weighted down with chains and soil at the bottom and attached to the structure with locking clips at the top.


ensure the stability of the whole barrier on different surfaces and are adaptable to the terrain.


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