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JPZ boards flood protection

The JPZ mobile barrier is the ideal solution for your family home, cottage or garage. It can also be used in industrial buildings, where it protects against water penetration through passageways, industrial doors and other sensitive areas. She is easy to manipulate. It works without an electrical connection, and no tools are needed to activate the barrier.

  • Maximum waterproofness.
  • Easy installation in windows, doors, gates and other openings.
  • It works without an electrical connection.
  • Quick activation.
  • Undemanding storage.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • No tools required to activate.
  • An elegant solution that does not disturb the appearance of the object.

Easy handling

Manual handling is facilitated by light weight and handles, larger sizes can be equipped with hinges or castors.

Quick activation

The plate is manually inserted into the foam-embedded stainless steel frame in the hole, latched and the EPDM seal in the profile around the perimeter of the plate is inflated to seal the hole using a manual inflator, compressor, CO2 canister or cylinder.

Easy storage

After the water has receded, the EPDM seal is blown out using a valve, the barrier is rubbed, cleaned and stored in the designated place after drying.


The JaP flood barrier has been certified for water seepage resistance and mechanical resistance. The result of the testing is a 100% waterproof barrier without compromising its functionality.


is made of galvanized sheet or aluminium alloy (EN AW 5754) resistant to seawater. For easy and fast joining, the plates are fitted with FLOM joining locks.


protects against undermining of the barrier, weighted down with chains and soil at the bottom and attached to the structure with locking clips at the top.


ensure the stability of the whole barrier on different surfaces and are adaptable to the terrain.

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