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Flood protection

Tailor-made for each application, featuring individual components that boast high resistance and low weight. It is certified for a water column up to 5 meters, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging conditions. Designed for ease of use, it can be quickly and effortlessly deployed. Additionally, it offers a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for various needs.

Tailor-made solutions

The placement and the size of the barrier are always tailored specifically to the needs of the customer. Even complicated openings can be protected with this system. The INOVA AL barrier comes in two versions – INOVA AL80 and INOVA AL50.

The systems differ in size and their use is dependent on the height of the water column they need to protect from. If needed, both systems can be combined.

Entrance protection installation

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The barrier can be mounted within just a few minutes to protect an opening against water. Initial installation of the solution consists solely of installing the fixed elements – lateral guidance on the side of the protected opening.

The mobile elements of the solution – beams are inserted between the lateral guidances when needed and compressed together by pressure tools.

Linear protection installations


The anchor feet and the stainless steel strap are mounted firmly in the concrete foundation. We deliver columns and beams in a disassembled state. In case of imminent danger of flooding, the individual aluminum beams are slid between the columns, which are anchored to the anchor plates in the lower structure. 

Once the beams are in lace, pressure tools are inserted in the lateral guidances. Tightening the pressure tools compresses rubber seals between the beams, creating an impermeable barrier.

For private and industrial sectors

The INOVA AL mobile barrier can be used in both private and industrial sector to protect driveways, entrances, windows or passages from water caused by floods or torrential rain.


is made of galvanized sheet or aluminium alloy (EN AW 5754) resistant to seawater. For easy and fast joining, the plates are fitted with FLOM joining locks.


protects against undermining of the barrier, weighted down with chains and soil at the bottom and attached to the structure with locking clips at the top.


ensure the stability of the whole barrier on different surfaces and are adaptable to the terrain.

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