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Structure protection barrier

Barrier for protecting structures, buildings and storage areas from floods or storm water. The barrier is autonomous and requires no external energy sources to function. Activates automatically without any intervention or control input. The barrier is freely passable when inactive.

  • Automatic protection 24/7 without external power source.
  • It will automatically return to the rest position when the water recedes.
  • All components are made of anti-corrosion materials.
  • Dimensions always tailored to each project.
  • Load capacity of up to 12 000 kg.

Barrier function

The barrier works automatically on the principle of buoyancy and is connected through a drain pipe to the sewer. If the drainage system reaches its maximum capacity during a flood, the barrier is automatically activated and retains the excess water. The barrier operates continuously depending on the water inflow rate and closes itself when the water recedes. However, it can also be opened manually with a winch for maintenance purposes.


is made of galvanized sheet or aluminium alloy (EN AW 5754) resistant to seawater. For easy and fast joining, the plates are fitted with FLOM joining locks.


protects against undermining of the barrier, weighted down with chains and soil at the bottom and attached to the structure with locking clips at the top.


ensure the stability of the whole barrier on different surfaces and are adaptable to the terrain.

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